Minibus Self Hire

Many individuals who arrange for trips  face the challenge of finding a reliable mode of transport. Early planning is essential when travelling with a large number of people so that one would be able to obtain all necessities for the trip. Transport is one of those necessities. Public transport cannot be relied on to get you to all your destinations especially if you will be sightseeing. Depending on public transport will only leave you at a disadvantage because your expenses would turn out to be more and the services that you get will not be up to your standards.

At Met Transfers, we are concerned with ensuring that you get your right to reliable transport services. As a result, we are eager to make sure that our Minibus Hire services can meet all your needs. We are intent on providing a wide variety of choices of Minibus Hire Solutions as it is understood that different individuals have different needs, preferences, expectations and tastes. You can choose from airport minibus hire services, hiring a coach, hiring a minibus with a designated driver and self drive minibus hire among many others. Retain our services and get a quality of service delivery that you have never experienced before.

We acknowledge that some customers prefer privacy and this is the main reason why, we offer our own self drive minibus hire services. Due to the nature of some people’s trips, they may prefer to travel anonymously. Since our goal is to meet all the objectives for your trip, we would fail at our mission to satisfy all our clientele if we do not have the self drive minibus hire option. The most efficient solutions can be provided by us regardless of the reasons why you prefer the self drive minibus hire service. The one thing required for you to qualify for this service however is a legally suitable driver who will comply with all of the local traffic rules. The only disadvantage of this service is that the trip may not be as enjoyable for the driver as it may be to the other members of the group.

We can assure you that all of our self drive minibuses are in the best operating condition when we hand them over to you as we are aware of the delays and frustration caused by mechanical breakdowns. We have a team of competent engineers and mechanics on call twenty four hours a day, to conduct meticulous inspections on each minibus, after each trip to ensure that they are in proper working condition before they are dispatched to the next customer. Any detected potential problems are fixed prior to the vehicle leaving the depot. To top off your experience, we have done quite a few modifications such as sliding roofs, high-quality entertainment systems, drink coolers and installing reclining seats so as to provide vehicles that meet and exceed your expectations and requirements. These measures are meant to guarantee that you arrive at your destination in utmost contentment.

We have been in the field for a long time now hence we are sure that whatever we do has passed the test of time. We have been able to interact with a number of clients who had different tastes and preferences hence we have been able to adjust our services to meet all these preferences. Come to us and we will help you find a service that is second to none other. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about the services that we give and we will give you all the answers.