Trust Our Business Travel Taxi Services

If you are working across a city that you are unfamiliar with and have a number of appointments, meetings and work lunches to attend across a day, you will need to find way of getting to them in good time. Driving yourself or using public transport will not come with a guarantee and can often add to the stress of the situation. That’s why many people choose our business travel taxi services at MET Transfers in Birmingham.

We work tirelessly across the city to help you make those early morning meetings and the late-night journeys home. Our work is based on a few of our best features which join together to make our business travel taxi services a great investment for the forward-thinking individual or company:

  1. Minibus services: If you are bringing together a whole team or you are ferrying a number of clients to and from your premises, you may want to invest in our business minibus services.
  2. Free Wi-fi on board: To ensure that you can keep on working and sending emails during your transfers with us, we provide free wi-fi for you to use.
  3. Simple booking online: Whether you’re in a rush or you want to find out how much a journey will cost, you can use our simple online booking form.

To find out more about our business travel taxi services, get in contact with us today.