Commercial Airport Meet & Greet Services

You may have seen people waiting outside of the terminal’s arrivals when you are on a personal flight and thought how good an idea it is for those people coming off the plane. Straight into the taxi they go, direct to their destination and smoothly into the meeting room. That’s why more and more businesses are investing in our airport meet and greet services at MET Transfers to help ensure that every overseas businessperson, investor or customer feels special upon arrival at the airport.

We have been offering this important service for both domestic and commercial customers throughout our years in the business. Our airport meet and greet services can be utilised for both our minibuses and taxis and are ideal suited to larger groups that you want to invite to your offices or events.

Why choose us for commercial airport meet and greet services?

Our team of highly-trained drivers and our fleet of high-quality vehicles will provide you with all the assurances that you need before you set out a contract with us. Each businessperson that visits from overseas or flies into an airport near you can be picked up straight from arrivals and taken simply to their destination.

We are able to set up a cost-effective contract for our airport meet and greet services to reduce the cost of single journeys booked up beforehand. To find out more about this, get in contact with us today.