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Welcome to METTransfers

Looking for a experienced company that specialises in nationwide minibus services and has great reviews? Look no further then!

What makes us special?

Great Customer Service

Feeling lost? Need someone to guide you through the booking process? Or perhaps what your company is looking for is not highlighted in our offer? Fear not! Our amazing customer service team is ready and willing to help at any time.

Professional Drivers

Reliable and highly skilled – our team of drivers is best described by these two adjectives. They will make sure you and your friends get to your destination on time. Luckily they also know their way around any traffic jams that otherwise might have slowed you down.

Fast & Easy Booking

Quick, exact pricing? Check. Crystal clear booking rules? Check. Just over a minute online needed to complete organizing your whole journey? Check! Our booking system makes the whole process easy and enjoyable.

Design for comfort

Making your travel experience enjoyable is what we are here for. From the onset our company was designed with our customers satisfaction in mind.

Meet & Greet

Yes, arriving at a new, unknown location can be a harrowing prospect. Especially if that location happens to be an airport. Luckily, we always have a welcoming party ready to meet you there!

Safety First

You already know our drivers are quality. So are our cars. The vehicles you will be driven in are some of the safest in their respective classes. The best possible combo to make sure you reach your goal without any inconveniences.

Transparent Prices

Here at Mettansfers the pricing is always transparent. We care about our clients and their comfort which means you do not have to ever worry about any hidden fees!

Free Cancellation

Changed your mind? No need to worry, we are a very understanding company. That’s why cancellation

Free Wi-Fi

Use the journey time to work on your projects, answer emails or just watch the latest episode of your favourite show online. Our Wi-Fi is ready and waiting to meet you.

Free Bottle of Water

It’s a hot day and you were in such a hurry that you forgot to buy something to drink? We got you covered. On every trip you take with us there is a free bottle of water already waiting for you in the car.

We offer quality service

Airport Shuttle

For anyone flying in or out. Covers all the basics in a professional, surprisingly enjoyable manner. Arrive always well before time, be greeted on site when you land.

Business Travel

During the whole duration of your business travels our drivers efforts will be directed towards maximizing the amount of time you can dedicate towards completing your work projects.

We want to hear your opinion

In an effort to keep bettering all aspect of our services we put much time into analysing your feedback and as such, it is very valued by our company. Let us hear from you!

Our driver was prompt, friendly and professional. Communication was excellent when our flight home was delayed. Excellent service!

Olivia Pickering

This was a great service, both journeys were confirmed 30 mins before and on time, drivers very friendly and helpful. We would definitely use again

Sarah Weatherhead

Great service, bless him, the flight was delayed and passengers stuck in immigration but he kept in constant contact and looked after our clients very well. Thank you

Emma Harford